The Mach 5.5 Carbon builds on the legacy of our renowned Mach 5.7 Carbon as the quintessential trail bike. With 140mm of dw-link™ rear travel, it sticks to and claws up just about anything, with unparalleled pedaling efficiency. On descents, the Mach 5.5 Carbon’s incredible square edge bump performance and 160mm travel Fox 36 fork enables you to conquer terrain that makes other bikes cower. It’s a bike that inspires you to climb while looking forward to the descents and that begs you to push your limits while putting a smile on your face.

  • 140mm of supple-yet-efficient dw‐link® suspension
  • Equipped with a burly Fox 36 160mm-travel fork
  • 27.5” wheels with extra clearance for up to 2.6” tires
  • Long and low geometry for a confident, stable stance
  • Short 430mm (16.9”) chainstays for snappy cornering
  • 12 x 148mm Boost rear spacing for additional stiffness and control
  • Every size clears a full size water bottle inside the front triangle
  • Hassle-free, full-length, internal cable routing, fully Di2 compatible
  • Front derailleur compatible
  • Fits nearly all riders (everyone between 4’11” and 6’7″+)
  • 10-year warranty

Pivot Mach 55 Geometry

160mm Fork

A Seat Tube Length
39.37 cm
42.55 cm
45.72 cm
49.53 cm
B Top Tube Length 55.78 cm 58.39 cm 61.67 cm 63.93 cm 66.70 cm
C Head Tube Length 8.99 cm 10.49 cm 11.51 cm 12.50 cm 13.49 cm
D Head Tube Angle 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5°
E Seat Tube Angle (Eff.) 74.25° 74.25° 74.25° 74.25° 74.25°
F Chain Stay Length 43.00 cm 43.00 cm 43.00 cm 43.00 cm 43.00 cm
G Bottom Bracket Height 34.04 cm 34.04 cm 34.04 cm 34.04 cm 34.04 cm
H Standover Height 68.58 cm 69.04 cm 69.09 cm 69.16 cm 71.12 cm
I Wheelbase 111.63 cm 114.25 cm 117.65 cm 120.04 cm 122.94 cm
  Stack 58.24 cm 59.64 cm 60.55 cm 61.49 cm 62.43 cm
  Reach 38.99 cm 41.00 cm 43.99 cm 46.00 cm 48.49 cm



Weight matters…and so does strength. The Mach 5.5 Carbon matches Mach 6 Carbon durability while achieving Mach 429 SL Carbon weights. The result is the perfect balance of frame stiffness and ride feel. The frame’s carbon structure features our proprietary hollow core internal molding process combined with a highly optimized lay-up design, utilizing lighter weight, high modulus materials that save up to a pound (.45kg) over other trail and enduro bike designs. The Mach 5.5 Carbon is available as a complete bike, with builds weighing under 27lbs (12.2kg) complete with dropper, and with frame weights as low as 5.2lbs (2.35kg).


The Mach 5.5 Carbon’s well-balanced geometry makes it the ultimate trail bike weapon. We combined a long and low cockpit with a 66.5-degree head angle for high-speed stability and amazing downhill performance. The bike’s short (430mm) chainstays and relatively steep seat angle help it rail the tightest corners and absolutely crush the steepest climbs.  We’ve also evolved our mid-travel link design. By utilizing the same rear-shock pivot cartridge-bearing design found in our longer-travel models (such as the Firebird and Phoenix), we’ve given the Mach 5.5 Carbon the unmatched, small-bump compliance and traction that Pivot is known for—in a lighter weight and more compact design. We’ve taken this ultimate trail bike idea one step further by combining it with Maxxis’ new Wide Trail 2.6” Minion DHF/Rekon tire combination mounted on 35mm wide rims for maximum control and maximum fun in a wide variety of conditions. This wider 2.6” tire option gives you incredible traction and rollover advantages with nearly the speed of a full on enduro race tire set up. The Mach 5.5 Carbon can run any 27.5 tire combination, from 2.1-2.6, so your options are nearly unlimited.



Which size bike should I purchase?

To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check your measurements. However, we can provide a rough guideline:

X-Small: 4’11” – 5’4″

Small: 5’4″ – 5’8″

Medium: 5’8″ – 5’11”

Large: 5’11” – 6’3′

X-Large: 6’2″ +

We suggest that you pick your Mach 5.5 Carbon size based on your riding style. The Mach 5.5 Carbon features trail bike long and low geometry with both shorter seat tube and head tube measurements per size – this geometry means that most riders can go up or down a size and should base their choice on riding-style, reach and stem length preferences.

How do I set the sag on my bike?

We make it easy to get the best ride out of your Pivot bike with a simple sag indicator already installed on your bike, and this follow-along video featuring our own Bernard Kerr:

How much does it weigh?

Variables in frame size, discrepancies in scale calibrations, and method of weighing (with or without pedals and such) all lead to inaccurate comparisons, so we choose not to publish our bike weights. Pivot bicycles are among the lightest available, but the weight is only one of many factors that make a great bicycle. Other aspects such as frame stiffness, strength, durability, and ride quality are just as important as weight to our engineers when designing our Hollow Core Carbon and aluminum frames. Instead of comparing grams online, we suggest you visit your local Pivot dealer and see our attention to detail, smart, high value spec, and class leading features. Bring a scale if you’d like, but take just one demo ride and you’ll feel why Pivot Cycles are the most well-rounded, highest performing bicycles on the market and in many cases, yes, it’s the lightest as well.

Can I use a dropper post with this frame?

Yes, internally routed dropper posts are compatible with the Mach 5.5 Carbon.

What dropper post length should I use?

There are limitations that each dropper post have for each frame size based on the rider’s saddle height, so it is important to check fit before choosing the travel and model of dropper post for your Mach 5.5 Carbon. Use the Dropper Fit Guide under the Tech Specs section to help identify the right post length.

Will a large water bottle fit on my bike?

Yes, this frame features two sets of water bottle mounts on the small to extra large frame sizes. One mount is inside the front triangle and the other is underneath the down tube. Every size clears a full size water bottle inside the front triangle.

What is the hub/wheel spacing?

The Mach 5.5 Carbon uses Boost 148mm x 12mm hub/wheel spacing. This hub design has wider flanges, so you cannot change the end caps to convert an existing 135mm, 142mm, 150mm, or 157mm hub.

What wheel sizes are compatible?

27.5” only

What is the thread pitch on the rear axle?

We use a 1.5 thread pitch on the rear thru axle. 

How wide of a tire can I run on the Mach 5.5 Carbon?

You can fit 27.5” tires up to 2.6” inches.

What is the size of the seatpost?


What is the size of the seat clamp?

34.9mm (or 35mm as some manufacturers call it)

What front derailleur does the Mach 5.5 Carbon use?

An e-type side-swing style front derailleur – Shimano produces the e-type side-swing front derailleur in Deore & SLX for 10-speed drivetrains and XT & XTR for 11-speed drivetrains.

What crank and bottom bracket will work with my bike?

All cranks designed for the Boost system and use a Pressfit BB92 bottom bracket will work on your Mach 5.5 Carbon. 

Can I use a non-Boost crankset?

You can use non-Boost:

Race Face Next SL 1x cranks
Shimano XT and XTR 1×11 cranks (with 30t or 32t)
Shimano XT and XTR 2×11 cranks (with 24t/34t or 26t/36t)

There may be other 2x non-Boost cranksets available that will work, thought it will depend on the chainline and chainring size. If the chainline is not out far enough, the front derailleur clearance may be tight when shifting in to the small ring – the front derailleur mount has been shifted outwards to accommodate the Boost design.

What is the narrowest Q-Factor crank I can run?


Can I mount a chain guide on my Mach 5.5 Carbon?

Yes. The Mach 5.5 Carbon features ISCG05 mounts on the frame. Most upper guides on the market will fit or some of the more compact versions that attach to an E-Type front derailleur mount will also work. For full upper and lower guides, we recommend the MRP AMG.

What headset do I need?

Zero stack (ZS) 44mm top and ZS 56mm bottom (or a Chris King Inset 2)

What is the largest rotor I can fit?


Do I need a rear brake adapter?

No rear brake adapter is needed for a 180mm rotor.

What travel fork can I use?

The Mach 5.5 Carbon was designed for fork lengths between 150mm-160mm.

What is the fork offset?


What is the eye-to-eye shock length and stroke length?

Eye to eye: 7.875”

Stroke: 2”

What do I need to know if I want to run a different brand shock?

You’ll need the proper shock mounting hardware. For the front of the shock, the hardware is 8mm x 36mm. There is no hardware on the rear of the shock, the spacer hardware and bushing will need to be removed as the rocker mounts directly to the shock body. Some shocks may have a different spec then the Fox shock that comes on the bike and may not fit properly. Also, as we cannot test every shock on the market, therefore riders assume some risk if they choose a shock that does not fit properly or is not tuned correctly for the bike. The frame is designed around a large volume air can with medium compression valving and medium rebound damping.

Can I run a Cane Creek Double Barrel Air shock?

Yes, as long as you order the correct eyelet size (15mm).

Can I put a coil-over shock on my Mach 5.5 Carbon?

No, this bike was designed to work with the progressiveness of an air spring. A coil-over shock (even one with separate bottoming control) does not offer the progressive spring curve that the Mach 5.5 Carbon requires. Running a coil-over shock will result in hard bottoming and damage to the frame.

What are the torque specs?

A detailed PDF of the torque specs can be found in the Tech Specs section.

Fox Live Valve FAQ

Have some questions about using Fox Live Valve on your Mach 5.5 Carbon? We are here to help.

How do I set sag?

You set sag just as you would on regular suspension but with the Live Valve system turned off, so you get accurate readings. We make it easy to get the best ride out of your Pivot bike with a simple sag indicator already installed on your bike, and this follow-along video featuring our own Bernard Kerr:


How long does the battery last?

Battery life is highly dependent on Live Valve settings and terrain. Average life ranges between 16 and 20 hours. For most riders, that covers several weeks of riding. 

How long does it take to charge?

Charge times range between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the power source. If you forget to charge the system before a ride it only takes 15 minutes to get enough power for a 2-hour ride.

How do I charge it?

The Live battery can be charged on or off the bike and is charged using a standard micro-USB cable.

What happens when the battery dies?

When the system detects a low battery it goes into open mode and shuts down.

Can I ride Live Valve with the system off?

Yes. Riding Live Valve powered off is just like riding your bike with the suspension in the open mode. Pivot’s awesome dw-link suspension always offers class-leading performance with the system on or off.

Can I mount Live Valve to a non-integrated bike?

No. the Live Valve system requires an accelerometer integrated near the rear axle, system mounting, and suspension tuning specific to the bike design.   

Is Live Valve waterproof?

Yes, within reason. Things like washing your bike, riding in the rain or normal puddles and small water crossings are fine. We do not recommend total submersion or a direct blast of water from a pressure washer – both could push water past seals and compromise the electronic system

Do I have to shut Live Valve off or does it do it automatically?

If you forget to turn the system off, Live Valve shuts off automatically if motion is not sensed for 1.5 hours. However, it is best to turn it off manually for battery charge preservation.

Can I add Live Valve to my current Mach 5.5?

Yes, all Mach 5.5 frames are fully compatible, and Fox offers a complete preprogrammed system that is specific to the Mach 5.5. Please see your authorized Pivot dealer for information.  

How do you install the Fox Live Valve system on a Mach 5.5 Carbon?

Chris Cocalis is here to take you through the steps…