About JetBlack

Jetblack Products Australia Head Office

JetBlack Products is a 100% home grown Australian company that has a simple philosophy; “The best products at the best prices.” We now supply many quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists. JetBlack began life in 1996 and in that short time we have become one of the major players in the world cycling market. This philosophy has been consistent from the very first JetBlack product, the Superlight mountain bike pedals. These pedals have been so successful that we still sell them today and since that time the product line has increased to over 60 items. These are as varied as photochromatic sunglasses to brake pads or from rollers to grips. JetBlack are somewhat unique in the cycling world as we not only design and manufacture our own cycling products and distribute them to over 38 countries world-wide.

JetBlack staff are serious bike riders, competing in all disciplines, road, XC, downhill and triathlon. This means that the products are designed for riders, by riders. All JetBlack products are intensively tested by JetBlack staff and many of their sponsored riders prior to giving the OK for full manufacture, so you know they’ll perform the way you need them to.

Create and Innovate – The heartbeat of JetBlack Cycling

Innovation and affordability is the heartbeat of JetBlack. We aim to provide the best products at the best prices. JetBlack products are conceived and designed in Australia before being manufactured. We completely control the manufacturing process so you can be sure of the quality control of each and every product. This control also allows us to keep price to a minimum. Stationary trainers are the heart and soul of the JetBlack company and there’s a good chance that you will have seen one of our distinctive orange and black designs in your local bike shop. Top of the line is the Z1, a fluid trainer with genuine progressive resistance. The design of this trainer is so good that it received the prestigious International IF Design and Innovation award at the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show. JetBlack won the prize again in 2013 with the JetBox top tube mounting, fuel bag. This bag’s unique design and magnetic closure system allows easy access on the bike without the need to slow down. It is sure to be a hit with triathletes and time trialists alike.

IF Product Awards

About Pivot Cycles

This is an exciting time for our sport.  I cannot remember a time when real, performance – enhancing technology has developed so rapidly and I’m proud to say that Pivot Cycles is at the forefront of this growth.Since launching Pivot in 2007 we have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in bike design and technology.When we see an area that can be improved or where we can bring a performance gain to our customers, we pursue it aggressively, both inside and outside our company.We work closely with our partners like Shimano, Fox, DT Swiss, Maxxis, WTB, KS, Reynolds and of course Dave Weagle(dw – link®) as well as many others within the sport to achieve our goal of developing a better bike   (not just a better Pivot frame) and it shows in our current generation of Pivot products.

We are always reaching to achieve the next level, so we’ve added two in-house 3D printing machines to further this goal and grow our capabilities.  In addition to our strong CNC machining capabilities and in-house manufacturing to develop new models and machine high – tolerance hardware, we handle initial production runs and build race team bikes and prototypes. We also manufacture the production tooling for many of our models.  With 3D printing, we now have the ability to see and test new concepts and ideas more quickly and to dream even bigger than ever before.

We are a technology and performance-driven company but advancing technology is not why we’re here.  We never want to lose sight of what we do and why we do it.  Our goal is simply to build the best-performing cycling products in the world.  It is not good enough to be one of the best.  We want to be THE best in every category we enter and we are confident that whether you buy a Pivot based on a review or test ride, you’ll experience our dedication, passion, engineering, and attention to detail that makes Pivot bikes and products the best.  If you currently own a Pivot, then you already know that they climb better, descend better, corner better and simply feel better than any other bike on the market. This same drive to be the best extends to our customer service and support. We love our customers and our interaction and relationships with our fellow Pivot riders fuels our fire.

It’s our vision, our calling and our ultimate goal to design and build cutting edge bikes that take your cycling experience to a whole new level and do it in a way that provides you with the best possible experience whether you’re already riding a Pivot or in the process of becoming a Pivot owner.  We value your support and look forward to seeing you out on the trail enjoying your new Pivot.Welcome to the Pivot family!